World Most Advanced Deodorant Spray – Dr. Mist

What is Dr. Mist?

Dr. Mist, an exceptionally unique product that was discovered, rather than developed. It contains no Aluminum (the active ingredient in antiperspirants), yet it helps prevent heavy perspiration without clogging pores and sealing in escaping toxins, endangering the body’s health. It contains water, yet it acts to dry the skin naturally and prevent body odors better than lab chemicals used in commercial deodorants.

Dr. Mist is a completely natural formulation, contains no fragrance, no artificial coloring, no cream, oils, or alcohol, nor will it stain the skin or clothing. It does not contain anything that can cause irritation or toxicity.  It’s only ingredients are water and mineral salts as found in the Dead Sea.  (Major minerals:  Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride, Sodium, Calcium, and Bromide)

Through anti-bacterial action, Dr. Mist has been shown to accelerate the healing of wounds and skin sores, including so-called ‘incurable acne’, eczema, cold sores, and other skin irritations, which improve within 24 hours. Spraying Dr. Mist on insect bites and insect stings provides nearly instant and long-lasting pain and itch relief.

Ideal for campers and outdoorsmen: tests have shown this to work for up to 3 days, even when one doesn’t or is unable to bathe.  Dr. Mist does this by managing (killing) harmful skin bacteria. This is an excellent hygiene product for people with health problems. They don’t have to choose between their safety from dangerous chemicals in regular deodorants, and the concern that their body odor might be offensive to others.  Care givers and nurses can also offer this safe alternative to their family and clients.

Effectiveness of Dr. Mist

Just a spray on the underarm will maintain hygiene and freedom from body odor.  This spray solution is safe and effective for use with:

  • The elderly and bedridden
  • For women with hysterectomies, or menopausal (pre- and post-) women experiencing heavy, embarrassing perspiration from hormone imbalance
  • Hospitalized patients unable to bathe
  • Individuals with Bromhidrosis, a medical problem where some people experience constant, strong, offensive body odor.

Dr. Mist helps save on the cost of doctor visits and the need to clean and dress wounds.

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I solved My Underarm Odor!

Hello, welcome to my blog… I will be sharing with you how exactly I eliminate my bad underarm odor and build up myself confidence! Here I have gather all the information you need all about underarm deodorant! Stay tuned.

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